New is good!

— and we know it does carry with it some unknowns. Everyone has been "new" at one point and we hope that as you come and visit us you will want to stay and become family with us.

Bear Valley Church is a non-denominational Bible church that welcomes all people in the greater Tehachapi area. What you can expect out of us is that we are just normal people who are seeking to love God. We are far from having it all together, but we are pilgrims who are walking on the path.

At Bear Valley Church you can also expect that we will be happy to meet you. We value people, knowing that Jesus died for people, not buildings, titles, or programs. BVC is a place where lots of different people feel comfortable and appreciated. You don’t have to dress in a Tuxedo to come nor have all your junk together. Just come! We look forward to meeting you.

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