Goals of BVC Kids

  • To creatively present the Word of God in a format appropriate to a child's age and development level.
  • To provide emotional security for both child and family while in Sunday school and Church-time programs.
  • To develop and promote an environment that is safe and inviting for children.

Kids' beliefs in God are being formed from the very youngest age and that is why we believe so firmly in providing a meaningful experience for them beginning in the nursery. Our pre-school classes are not babysitting experiences, but times of learning about a loving God and how He wants us to respond.

Opportunities to serve

We are always in need of men and women who will commit themselves to sharing their lives with our children. Would you consider what your role could be in our ministry with children? It could be for a month, or a year as a helper, a team teacher or as a lead-teacher.

Sunday School Teacher Application

Sunday School Helper Application