Shepherd Souls, Rescue Families, and be Gracious

Diverse People

One may find out who we are by sharing some time with us. BVC is a collection of people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and occupations. We have among us contractors, firemen, peace officers, medical professionals, prison workers, schoolteachers, rocket scientists, homemakers, computer geeks, and more. Some of us are retired and working like crazy to keep up with grandchildren! Some of us are new to the area and others are lifers in Tehachapi.

Needing God

A common thread among us all is that we are needy. We find ourselves with real needs that can only be met by a loving God who cares for us out of His own extravagant love. We are living lives that depend upon our Jesus who is our cornerstone for today, tomorrow and for eternity.

Loving His Word

We find God’s blessings and teachings stated clearly in the Bible. BVC seeks to be a people who search the Bible to understand God’s true, inspired message for us. We know that He has shown us Himself in His Word and that the life giving message of Jesus is found there.

Seeking Others

We understand our own need to be connected with BVC, but we are also on an eyes-wide-open search for others. We seek not only to grow our numbers, but to reach people who have needs that can only be met by the same loving God who cares for us. There are always open seats at our table…and if not, we will get more tables.

Longing For Home

Lastly, one foundational truth that causes us to live in hope is that this world is not all there is. We love the beauty and benefits of living here in this place, but know also that life on Earth is strongly deficient. From start to finish our lives are a struggle: money, relationships, sickness, sin… We are grateful the Bible teaches that Christ died to save us from these struggles, rose again and went to prepare a place for us to live with Him for eternity. This truth often causes us to long for home…the one that will last forever.