Five Things to Expect when you visit BVC

People just like you

We would love to tell you how exceptional we are, how we're better than the average population, but the reality is, we are just like you. We have jobs, kids/grandkids, bills, heartaches and joys. You can expect that as you come here you will not be out of place, but rather just like the rest of us that are a part of BVC.

People you can talk to

Because we are just like you, we are ready to share and partner with you in the joys and sorrows of life. We don't have all the answers, but we trust that as we walk with God, and encourage one another, God will be enough for the things of everyday life.

Messages you can understand

Understanding that you should never be impressed with us, we seek to share with you the Word of God in a way that is powerful, practical and clear. We know that His Word is enough for us and for us to "dress it up" in any way would be hiding the very thing that we all need.

Real Life

As you become a part of Bear Valley Church you will become a part of and a witness to real life happening. In the lives of the people of Bear Valley Church we celebrate new life in Christ, weddings, babies, reconciliation in families, renewed health and tons of other joyous events. We also weep with those who grieve over fractured relationships, loss of loved ones, financial struggles and the pain of sin. Real life happens to all of us and we at BVC love to bear one another's burdens and share one another's joys.


Bear Valley Church is a church where God is at work in changing all of us into what He wants us to be. You can expect that as you come here you will see God at work in the lives of others and in your life as well. We seek to be a place where God is worshipped and has the place of honor and preference in all things.