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Cross Songs

We had the opportunity to record some of our favorite worship songs recently and we hope they encourage you to draw closer to Christ. You can listen to the songs on this page, get a CD next time you’re at church, or follow the links below to listen on your favorite streaming service.

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You’re hearing: Josh Siracusa (voice, keyboards, midi drums, cajon), Jeromy Siracusa (electric, acoustic), Brian Dobrenen (bass), Joanne Howard (cello), Sean LaMonte (voice, acoustic), Kristina Pfening (voice, acoustic), Nathan Boesler (voice, acoustic), Sarah Boesler (voice), Caleb McJunkin (voice, keyboards), Tasha McJunkin (voice), Mari LaCom (voice), Zack LaCom (voice, keyboards, midi drums, acoustic). All songs mixed and mastered by Brian Steckler.